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3100 8th St S, Moorhead, MN 56560, USA

(218) 233-8843

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About Us

M.I.G. Properties Provides Commercial Suites to a variety of Startup and Established professionals and companies in the Fargo Moorhead Area.  We take a personal approach to running our business, caring about the needs of our Tenants, our "Business Partners".  Our success is tied together which is why we're devoted to helping our Tenants Grow!  Browse our listings of Available Fargo Moorhead properties and See the possibilities become reality!  


CIP 1B - Exchange Station - Retail Building

Exchange Station.png

3100 8th St. S.

Moorhead, MN, 56560

12,700 SF Retail Building

Home to M.I.G. Holdings, TLC Pawn, Furniture & Mattress warehouse, FedEx Ship Center.  

CIP 3A - Commercial Building

CIP3A Drawings.png

1505 S. 29th Ave.

Moorhead, MN, 56560

18,910 SF Commercial Building

Home to Pomps Tire.  

CIP 6C - Security Warehouse & Storage - Commercial Building

1410 23rd St. S.

Moorhead, MN, 56560

48,412 SF Commercial Building

Security Warehouse & Storage Facility

CIP 6D - Commercial Building


1500 S. 29th Ave.

Moorhead, MN, 56560

22,820 SF Commercial Building

CIP 6F - Commercial Building


2201 14th Ave. S.

Moorhead, MN, 56560

8,750 SF Commercial Building

CIP 8 - Mixed Use Facility


1110 14th St. S.

Moorhead, MN, 56560

55,177 SF Mixed Use Facility

Former Thomas Edison School

CIP 14 - Commercial Building

2618 16th Ave. S.

Moorhead, MN, 56560

17,744 SF Commercial Building

Includes 21each 10x24' Storage Units.  

Bridgeview Plaza - Retail Building

Bridgeview Retail.jpg

805 30th Ave S. 

Moorhead, MN, 56560

6,243 SF Retail Building

Bridgeview Plaza - Office Building

819 30th Ave S. 

Moorhead, MN, 56560

23,437 SF Office Building


Check out what else we do!

Pawn, New Furniture & Mattress Warehouse, FedEx Ship Center

all Located within the Exchange Station. 3100 8th St. S. Moorhead, MN, 56560

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